Wet Winter Riding

Ok, this winter weather sucks, I think the thing that makes it even worse is that we didn’t even get a proper summer this year in the UK. Despite the shitty weather I have been out on both the mountain bike and track bike. I am lucky to have a number of different cycling shoes, and waterproofs to get muddy and soaked and then put fresh clean dry ones on. My Chrome Kursk’s are totally coated in mud and are still wet. I went for a super muddy mountain bike ride yesterday afternoon, it was actually very pleasant, though I did have my full on waterproof gear on. It was also my first time riding a mountain bike clipped in. I always ride my fixed gear clipped in and for some reason the thought of doing it on a mountain bike just freaked me out…but it all turned out fine and I really enjoyed having the extra power. After my muddy ride I took my track bike out for a few road laps in the rain, I’m really getting into riding late at night as there are hardly any cars on the road.


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