Fyxation Mesa 61 A few months of testing

Fyxation have announced the release of their new Mesa 61 pedal, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a set a few months ago. I really like every pedal in the Mesa range, they are tough, make you feel like your feet are glued to them and they look as good as they perform. I think the Mesa 61 is definitely the king of the bunch it is the ultimate pedal, with it’s slim line design, beefy pins, wide platform, and high quality build, this is a very well designed pedal; knowing my feet will not slip whilst riding on any terrain in any condition fills me with confidence.

I have used these pedals on my bmx, mountain bike an my fixed gear, in the dirt, rain, mud, small rivers. They are a great all round pedal that do what every pedal should do, no matter what bike you put them on. If you are going to ride a lot of street and do pedal slides etc…make sure you take the pins out of one side or they’ll dig in or bend like mine. Whilst mine might be a bit scratched, battered and bent, they are still as functional as the day I got them out of the box. Top Notch!


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