Fyxation Session 700 Tyre Review/Test


I have been using the Fyxation Session 700 tyres for the past few months, just being able to say that makes them good in my opinion. Everyone is aware that riding a brakeless fixed gear bike will inevitably result in quicker tyre wear, though it has taken quite sometime for them to show signs of wear. I swopped the rear to the front a couple of weeks ago to buy myself some more tyre shredding time, the worn down profile is slightly flat but it still feels great to ride, sticks on corners and I’ve had NO punctures since I put these on my bike. They come in 23c, 28c and 35c. I’ve been using the 28c, they do seem to come up quite big, but for me more tyre on the road means more traction and stopping power for me.

They also come in a variety of colours, I stuck to the good old black on black. The groovy looking wrap around tread is not slick like a racing tyre, so it performs better on slightly rougher surfaces. I live in Devon which is full of endless hills and skinny country roads where you often can’t see what’s around the next corner, whether is be a car, tractor or herd of sheep or cows. In places the roads are often soaked and scattered with mud and cow shit though I still feel confident that the Fyxation Session’s will keep me rubber side down and stop me when I wanted to stop (apart from once, but that was my fault for riding down a mega steep, broken, soaking wet country road in the pitch black). These are not as hard wearing as tyres such as the Continental Gator Hardshell, however they are the perfect all round tyres, great for commuters, messengers, or anyone with 700c wheels. Good job Fyxation!

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