I hate the FixFixFix

Equality for all! Whoop! I think it’s great to have a site for women cyclists run and managed by women cyclists. Total Women’s Cycling is definitely worth checking out, though I must be honest I was disappointed with one of the posts. It features a site called BangableDudesInProCycling or some shockingly rubbish name like that. Even though site itself is well written, I cannot help but find the stupid name annoying. There are a huge number of sites and bicycle manufactures, organisations that also indulge in this shameless objectification of women. Sites such as the Fixfixfix and others I can’t be bothered to look up are to be quite honest just shit! I think they are a thorn in the side of cycling and it’s bullshit sites like that which degrade both men and women. I am embarrassed for my gender. I’m not a teenage boy so do not act like one, unfortunately the same cannot be said about the authors of many of these questionable sites.

post-26427-0-29549400-1339673206 fat_cyclist

I am very vocal about equality, I don’t agree with any form of objectification. Maybe it’s because I work with children and it’s all about setting the best example or it could be that my partner is subjected to a lot of childish comments that focus on her appearance rather than talent, maybe I’m just sensitive, or possibly it’s because I have a female passport (don’t ask), or maybe it’s simply just wrong! Anyway…I thought I would post here on my blog as it’s my site and I can say what I like.

I know a number of women that were deeply disappointed in Total Women’s post and even said it was nearly enough to turn them off the site. Whilst I am disappointed, I am not that surprised which is unfortunate. Why would someone believe and feel the need to sink to the same childish level of ‘those pervy guys’? All this crap about ‘men do it so we can do it’, is ridiculous! Does this mean that women should follow in male footsteps doing all the awful things that men do because the ‘men do it’? How far should we take this then? Why do something you blatantly know is wrong? I comment on these types of sites and am just as vocal when men act like pricks and I’m not going to shut up when it’s on a women’s blog. What’s wrong is wrong and I will voice my opinion regardless.

I was always taught that the only way to change something is from the inside. I believe that, far too often children are mistreated and underrepresented. So I went to university and studied, got a job working for one of the best children’s charities ‘Kids Company’. I then studied some more and have been working on a street level for the past few years. I work with both children and adults and the only way I see society will change it’s views is by people saying something. If you feel that men objectifying women is wrong, and that when advertisers and brands post pictures of their female athletes and guys purely comment on their appearance with the same old ‘she’s hot’ or ‘fit, I’d do her’ then don’t just do the same thing to guys. Not all men act like this and the recurring comment that ‘guys do this, so we can’ just doesn’t cut it for me. I don’t do that, my friends don’t and I’m not going to start just because other people do.  If you have a voice that the masses will listen to then I think it’s worth setting a positive example.

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  1. shw

    If you’re going to be very vocal about equality and avoid objectification, don’t make a very one-sided reference to the bad things men do

  2. shw

    Also, penis envy

  3. Um nice one troll, I am also a man. You stupid child.

  4. SHW on the off chance you are not a troll, I think the whole point of voicing my opinions about what I think is bad is all about making references to things both men and women do that negatively affect cycling and gender equality in sports. I think you will find…when you go outside…that it is commonly is men in the cycle industry that are guilty of the above. If you follow the link and actually read the post you would see that it is in response to a post that I thought was objectifying men on a womens cycling site. Next time make sure you read the post before commenting and you might not end up looking like such an idiot. Anyway thanks for reading. Dave

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