Fyxation Mesa 61 Alloy

Finally the nicest pedal I have ever used is available in an alloy version, make way for the Fyxation Mesa 61 Alloy!I have been using both the Mesa and Mesa MP pedals on all my bikes. I grind a lot so tend to wear through plastic pedals quite quickly, though I no longer have to worry about that as my favourite pedal is available in a durable 6061 alloy. If you haven’t tried the Mesa out yet I strongly suggest you do, it’s perfect for what ever bike you ride. I put a set of the Mesa MP pedals on a Charge Cooker and took it out for a spin at my local MTB park, I was so impressed with the results! Your feet stay firmly in place over all terrain and in all conditions, it doesn’t matter how wet it is you feet stay firmly glued to the pedals. There are only a few slight differences between the Mesa models, but the option of full plastic, or metal pins of full on alloy is great! The Mesa 61 appears to have slightly thicker pins than the Mesa MP, a feature I’m very happy with as my shins will take less of a shredding. I can’t recommend these pedals highly enough!


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