Fyxation Sponsored Photographer Finalists

I’m stoked to be selected as one of the finalists for the Fyxation sponsored photographer competition. I have always rated Fyxation‘s products and use them on all of my bikes. I went out to shoot the Mesa MP pedals for the competition, after recently leaving the hectic streets of London I wanted a real natural feel to my shots so I ventured off into the countryside.

There are some really amazing entries although I must admit I am slightly disappointed with some of the photo’s I’ve seen in this competition. I am not competitive and am not just saying this because I think I should win, I really don’t care who wins…no matter the results I’m still going to ride my bike all the time and still take photos because it’s what I love. Back to my point…I’m disappointed because it seems that people still feel the need to use models that don’t ride to pose and look sexy to try to promote their work or a product. What’s wrong with just a shot of a woman riding a bike? Why is it always short shorts, and arse, tits or stomach shots? Yes sex sells and it will definitely get you views but it takes attention away from the product and undoes all the hard work women have been doing to be taken seriously and get the respect and time they deserve in the sports industry. Do we really need to see pictures of women sucking off bar ends as a photo entry? (check the face book page for that)

Right enough of this rant…here are my pictures! One is of Juliet Elliott riding a bike not just posing with it! Also Check out Coven Magazine Issue Two which contains women that actually do cool stuff rather than just take their kit off.

Head over to the Fyxation Facebook page and check out some of the pictures, vote, like, share, or don’t…the choice is yours!

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