Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit Bar

I have been riding with the Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit bars for the past week, they have been up and down the numerous picturesque hills of Devon. I have always been a huge fan of pursuit/bull horn/aero bars, I really like the power and stability they give you when riding, especially sprinting and on climbs. I really went to town on these bars, riding on them as hard as possible. I left my house, switched on the Strava app on my iPhone and just let rip for a few hours, when I finished my run I checked the stats and managed to beat my personal best top speed cranking out 47.5mph on a brakeless track bike! Rad!

The Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit bars have a slight drop at 40mm which feels perfect, I always found that the drop was too aggressive or not enough on past bars I’ve used. This is all personal preference of course, but I think after riding with these for a few hours you will see what I mean.

I prefer wider bars as they are a lot more stable for someone of my size, I’m using the 42cm version though they also come in 40cm. Everyone that knows me knows that I’m not afraid to say when I think something is shit, I’m often a bit too honest which seems to get me in trouble, but my theory is people need to know if something is bad. It’s really nice to not have a negative thing to say about these bars. Fyxation have been producing high quality well though out products for the past few years and I have thoroughly enjoyed using them. Well designed, well built, solid feel and competitively priced, you really can’t go wrong with a set of these.

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