Tyre test!

The classic Gatorskin, long tried and tested by many riders. A great budget tyre that lasts a decent amount of time…providing you don’t skid a lot or live somewhere hilly. It feels nice on corners, and sticks to the road in all weather conditions. With great puncture protection you can ride without having to worry about getting punctures. Great all round tyre!

I really like the Specialized S Works Turbo Race tyre, it’s one of those tyres that fills you with confidence as it sticks to the road like glue in all conditions. It also lasted the longest out of all the tyres I tested, on long brakeless rides this tyres was put through some rough testing up and especially down the hills of Devon. I would highly recommend a pair of these for you track or road bike.

Ahhhhh the Halo Twin Rail Courier…after falling in love with all the other twin rail tyres Halo have produced I expected big things from these tyres, unfortunately this was not the case. They wear down far too quickly, even the tougher Berlin model. I used these tyres whilst I was working as a courier and they literally only lasted me a day! Ok, I skid a lot, but in comparison to the five days the others I tested it is just not very good.

The Twin Rail range are some of the best, perfect if you are riding bmx, 24″, 26″ or 29″. I loved my 29ers they lasted ages and I felt like I could ride over or through anything. They stuck like glue and lasted ages…and look so bad ass!

Though unfortunately when the width is reduced to 24c it just doesn’t work. The profile and depth of the grip needs to be reduced, there is not enough tyre on the road and it loses grip because of this. On dusty trails these are lovely, unfortunately the same cannot be said when riding them on the road. On the plus side, they come in cool colours and are dead cheap.

My recommendations…the specialized all the way! For your bmx, jump, mountain, fgfs bikes the Halo Twin rail. I need a new set of tyres for my bmx and you will see a post and some pictures of my bike with Twin Rails on!




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