Eighthinch, Fyxation and Odyssey pedals Review

I’ve used a load of pedals over the past few years. I seem to destroy them really quickly, my Eighthinch pedals lasted one ride before they smashed in half, though they were made from that cheapy hard plastic, the moment i put them on I had a feeling they were not going to last too long. They are cheap so would recommend them if you are just riding around town…but not for fgfs or bmx.

The Fyxation Mesa pedal…looks so nice, I love the slim profile and how wide they are, unfortunately they only lasted two and a half days (of solid rough ledge action), though on the plus side they felt seriously amazing. They have wide platforms and kept your feel firmly in place, definitely my favourite plastic pedal available.

Finally the Odyssey Twisted pedals lasted about a week, these are nice budget pedals, but they felt somewhat soggy. The thick plastic means they last a bit longer than others, but still not too long if you’re constantly pedal sliding rough ledges.

Plastic pedals are great as they do slide on everything, but they just seems to wear out too fast. I’ve decided to use metal pedals on my fixed for now. My recommendation for plastic pedals…the Fyxation Mesa, also available with metal pins (bad ass), see third picture.




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