Charge Scissor Complete

I’m super critical of bikes and components and have a 8 year history of riding fixed, Looking back at past frames Charge have made you can see the progression of the fixed freestyle bike and how it’s evolved over the years. The new Scissor really raises the bar and is the perfect build…everything about it is spot on! The geometry is bang on, and they really did an amazing job on keeping the small frame short enough whilst still leaving ample bar spin clearance.

This complete fills the void for 700c affordable completes. The tyre clearance is amazing, you can whack a 2.3 in and there is still plenty of room. Its tricked out with great components, lots of own brand parts that really look amazing, such as 14mm rear hub, and unique 9t rear sprocket and lock ring, stem, bars and cranks. Fitted with Alex SX44 rims and 2.3 Maxis tyres this bad boy will roll over anything in front of it.

Charge have really stepped up their game with this beauty, an affordable complete will open up FGFS to the masses. Both Charge and Specialized are releasing completes so whether you ride 700c or 26ā€ there is a bargain high quality build available for you. Iā€™m a 700c rider so I know which one i want! A job well done!!!

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  1. Zach chase

    Is this the production model or did you just get a special one?? All the pictures of the bike look just like that but on the website it says a few things that are different… Tire size for one and the wheel set

  2. Hi mate, I’m not sure really. I also just checked and it does appear they are different. This is juliet’s one so she got it before they were officially released, maybe a few bits have changed since then.

  3. Does this frame barpsin with those 2.1’s?

  4. Yes, easily šŸ™‚

  5. yeah it will šŸ™‚

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