My ESB bike check and review

I’ve been riding a 14 Bike Co ESB designed by Superted for the past few months, I think the time for a new frame is drawing near. My ESB has taken a massive kicking, its dented and beaten to shit but I love it! The ESB is made from…some type of steel…I can’t be arsed to check which…but it’s light and strong.

The max clearence in the rear is about 47c though I took a hammer to mine so it now fits 2.2 with the wheel at the back of the drops, the fork will probably take a 2.3, I’m using a 2.2 and still have pleanty of room. The only things I woulld change on the frame are; more clearence in the rear, a longer front end (my overlap is silly…for barspins the pedals need to be at 12 and 6 o’clock), I would also like a lower top tube, and a neg bb.  The fork is hardcore…though mine is bent due to running pegs (against Teds advice).

On the whole the ESB is a great FGFS bike I love it…but as I said earlier mine is dying and I need to start thinking about a replacement. What will I get? I’m not sure yet, should I switch to 26″? I’m not sure of that either. Anyways here is my bike check…

FRAME: 14 Bike Co ESB
STEM: Gusset (something)
BARS: Gusset Open Prison
GRIPS: Super hard Renthal
CRANK: Gusset Woodstock
HUBS: All City New Sheriff with Steel Axles
CHAIN: Eighthinch Halflink
STRAPS: Sofus Francisco (amazing!)
RIMS: Velocity Chukka
TYRES: Front Halo Twin Rail 2.2, Rear Continental Comfort Contact 2.1
SEAT: Resist Pivotal
SEATPOST: Resist Pivotal

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